Polyradah a surround pop movie from nocomment

Nocomment plays electronic-pop music for more than 15 years now. The first releases were rougher, harder and had the spirit of the 80ies. Their style changed during the years more and more towards what you can call "ambitious electronic pop-music", now mixed in surround 5.1 and combined with videos.

The face of nocomment is - apart of the founders René Ebner(drums) and Thomas Kowalzik (keys, production) - their female singer Franziska Kaluza. With her wonderful voice she's the brand of nocomment and her voice fit's perfectly to the compositions of the songwriter-team Kaluza/Kowalzik that are balanced between catchy radio-pop, dreamy, atmospheric songs and groovy dancefloor-tracks.

Their latest release is the surround-pop movie Polyradah, a futuristic science-fiction movie, where the music tells the story. The band produced all the music and wrote the script. Polyradah was directed by the Swedish video-artist Anders Weberg. It will be released on Nov. 14th on Echozone/Sony BMG.

Copyright Thomas Kowalzik