Polyradah a surround pop movie from nocomment

2147, Polyradah

After the disastrous C.I.D.-contamination in 2104 large areas of

planet earth are still uninhabitable and the sun is still beclouded.

There are no national structures left. Security companies like

Polyradah Corp own and run the big cities. To secure them, Polyradah

Corp controls the inhabitants and the permission to live there.

Non-conformable citizens of Polyradah are detected and persecuted by

the silver skulls, the security troop of Polyradah's CEO David Corash.

Polyradah is surrounded by suburban slums called Enyradah. Crime,

chaos and fear rule that world. The officially contamination-free

Enyradah borders on Trisoma, the contaminated zone, a place where no

one ever came back.

Copyright Thomas Kowalzik